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Good News: Teens Honor Wilberforce's Legacy with Public Service

Six high-school students are being awarded for their philanthropic leadership in honor of philanthropist William Wilberforce. The Better Hour contest, sponsored by the Wilberforce Project, encouraged students nationwide to launch public service projects inspired by Wilberforce's fight against the slave trade.

Ellie Morse of Dickson, Tenn., received the $10,000 top prize for raising money for Invisible Children, a nonprofit that helps children in war-torn areas.

"We are helping out our own community by empowering kids to act and to do something other than what they would do for themselves," Morse told CBN's NewsWatch.

The contest is associated with the documentary The Better Hour: The Legacy of William Wilberforce, which, along with the feature film Amazing Grace and Focus on the Family Radio Theatre's Amazing Grace, is keeping Wilberforce's heroic story alive.

The cover of the Amazing Grace DVD includes an endorsement by Focus on the Family Founder and Chairman Dr. James Dobson: "Outstanding. It will move your heart."


Focus on the Family Radio Theatre presents Amazing Grace, which documents the life of William Wilberforce.

Read CitizenLink's interview with Sheila Weber, vice president of communications at The Better Hour.

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